Most Frequented Questions and Answers

What is the Procedure for Board Repairs?

1) Download and print out the repair Order sheet… found here:  Wetworks – Order Sheet

2) Look over your entire board and circle any areas of concern. Follow up with a quick written description of the problem in the LEFT COLUMN ONLY.

Remove wax, leash and fins BEFORE dropping off, take bag home with you. 

Wetworks will contact you once your board is received and looked over.

What does it cost for repairs and installations?

As you can imagine, every job is different… varying riders with unique issues. We need to consult with you to identify the problem and solution. 

We promise you, our prices are very competitive.

A free quote will be provided quickly.

What kind of Surfboards do you repair ?

All of them. 

Specializing in SUPs.

What sort of board repairs do you do ?

Dings, Dents, Bumps n’ Bruises. Cuts, Cracks and giant Shark Bites. 

You name it, we got it covered.

What else do you repair ?

Boats and other Marine equipment with Fibreglass work.

Bathroom facilities and Furniture with Fibreglass work

How long does a repair take ?

We work fast and try our best to get your gear to you.  That said, every job is different and requires custom work.  Don’t rush your Dr!

Where do I deliver and Pick up my board/item ?

5930 No.6 Rd Unit 305
Richmond, British Columbia
With enough notice, we can meet at a mutual location.

Can you come to me for the repair ?

We prefer the shop but can work remotely with our Travel kit.  Small jobs only please.