Any board, anytime.

There are different boards for different riders. Not all ride the same, not all take a beating the same. We use our expert TLC to get your board in tip-top shape.

Marine & Auto

Boats, Kayaks, Canoes... you name it.

We'll keep you floating when you need it. In the repairs we do, the quality should be amazing! 15+ years working with Fibreglass.


Don't give up just yet. From tubs to toilets to table tops, we've done it.

You may as well connect with us to see what can be done for your messy fix.

toilet repair

Procedure for Board Repairs

1) Download and print out the repair Order sheet… found here:  Wetworks – Order Sheet

2) Look over your entire board and circle any areas of concern. Follow up with a quick written description of the problem in the LEFT COLUMN ONLY.

Remove wax, leash and fins BEFORE dropping off, take bag home with you. 

Wetworks will contact you once your board is received and looked over.